Winter Wedding Decor

Ideas for floral and event decor for a winter wedding

Winter is one of our favorite seasons to make a statement with wedding style. From the shorter days to the potential for snowfall and the holiday spirit in the air, there is something magical about planning a stunning winter wedding. But with fewer blooms in season, couples may have to get a little more creative when designing the room. Here are five of our favorite ways to style a winter wedding.

5 ways to style your winter wedding

Candlelight the Way. In the summer months, candles can get lost in the brightness of daylight. But in wintertime, the warm glow of candlelight creates an ambiance nothing short of whimsical. Use candles to style your aisle, outfit your chuppah and add drama to the tables at the reception. With all of the firelight dancing throughout the room, romance will fill the air. Even if the weather outside is frightful, your guests will be inspired to warm their feet on the dance floor.

Winter Whites. There is something so pure and beautiful about a winter white wedding. To make this theme come to life, consider a white aisle runner, white dishware and white satin linens, while using beautiful white roses to tell your wedding story. While relatively simple to execute, a winter white wedding is nothing but elegant. Against the snow white backdrop, even the most subtle of green and gold accent colors will contribute to setting the mood for your big day.

Evergreen with Envy. While bringing in spring and summer florals from around the world isn’t impossible during the colder months, instead play up the signature plant of the season by incorporating evergreens as part of your wedding design theme. Use evergreens to outfit of the centerpieces, add seasonal flavor to the cocktail hour and as part of the wedding party boutonnieres and bouquets. While primarily available in November and December, these fragrant greens will contribute to a stunning ambiance that can only be replicated at this time of year—which will help your wedding make a statement.

Branching Out. Incorporating twigs and branches into your overall wedding decor is a creative and regal way to tell a story. So if you want to embrace the season, but want to think outside the box, using birch branches and other twigs as part of the design theme is a great way to start. To go the extra mile, we love to add some color to branches by painting them, adding shimmer and styling them with a floral backdrop.

Silver and Gold. Red and green are certainly not the only colors of the winter wedding season. Embrace metallics to add glitz and glam to your wedding decor. Let the natural aura of gold twinkle lights reflect off of the metallic sheen to make the room come to life. From creative wedding favors to dramatic candelabras, this winter wedding theme screams high fashion and style.

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