Wedding Day Florals

How to creatively use florals to style your wedding day

When designing the perfect wedding day, every detail contributes to the overall setting and ambiance of the event. While candles and twinkle lights are endearing elements, we love using florals as part of the design platform to make a statement for your big day. From sprinkling petals around the altar to adding buds to the wedding cake, here are some of our favorite ways to get inspired and take your floral design to the next level.


The aisle is the first impression people get of your wedding—and is one area where you can truly set the tone for an unforgettable day. Use custom floral arrangements for aisle decor at the end of each row of seating to add a little bit of style and color to the setting. Guests will love the aroma of fresh flowers while they wait for the bride to make her debut. (For more tips on how to style your aisle, check out our How to Style Your Aisle  blog post here).


If your cake is plain white buttercream or black and white striped, adding a sprig of fresh flowers around the top tier is a simple way to add a creative design element. Not only is it a cute way to give your cake an upgrade without the Cake Boss-like expense, but the pop of color will make a great backdrop for the beloved cutting of the cake photos.


To add a flair of romance for the bride or bridal party, integrating florals into the hairstyles is a must. Whether it’s a simple flower tucked behind the bride’s ear, a crown of pretty stems for the bridesmaids, or adorable wreaths for the flower girls, this option will make a subtle bohemian statement that is totally irresistible. For an added whimsical look, integrate individual blossoms strategically throughout the hair.

Accent Tables

Using floral arrangements to outfit the seating chart, or to adorn the guest book table, adds that extra flair and attention to detail that will make your guests swoon. Try creating a hanging garden with table cards at the end of each vine or arrange the guest book among a bed of florals. Don’t forget the gift table—which is the perfect place for a dramatic, eye catching arrangement.

Wedding Favors

Coming up with creative wedding favors is a challenge. But instead of electing to gift something edible, send guests home with a favor that will last, like a tiny floral arrangement in a cute miniature vase. Even the most simple arrangement will brighten your guests’ day—and make for an absolutely gorgeous table during the wedding.

When planning a wedding, creative use of flowers and greenery will create an ambiance that is unforgettable—and it all starts with a vision. Our team of designers will help you define your wedding day decor, to create a setting that you adore. For more ideas on how to integrate florals into your wedding design theme, contact Fragrant Design.