How to Style Your Aisle

5 ways to upgrade your wedding ceremony

When it comes to styling a wedding day, it’s important not to neglect the place where the real magic happens: the wedding ceremony. Whether it’s in a church, a beautiful garden or a hotel ballroom, the ceremony is the first taste your wedding guests will get of your big day. Not only is it where the newlyweds will make their debut, it’s the perfect place to make a statement that will linger with the wedding for the rest of the event.

Here are 5 ways to style your ceremony

1.   Don’t ignore the walkway. For a traditional wedding, the bride should have a gorgeous pathway for which to make her first appearance. Line the edges of the aisle itself with floating candles and tasteful flower arrangements. Sprinkle petals down the aisle so the bride can walk on a bed of roses to meet her husband—and don’t be afraid to get creative with the design (check out our rose petal runner in ombre below). Just save a few petals for the flower girl—you don’t want to put her out of business.

2.   Light the way. Lighting influences the ambience of a ceremony, so don’t forget about this detail. The softer the lighting, the more ethereal the glow. Use uplighting to shift the effect of the ceremony and give a warm hue to the room. For a truly romantic effect, incorporate dramatic candle lighting throughout the room and around the altar or focal.

3.   Upgrade the rows. Each row of guest seating offers a new opportunity to add style to the room. Flower bouquets work really nicely attached to pews and chairs. Consider cascading bouquets to add an extra touch of romance and elegance. Not only will the guests appreciate the warm atmosphere, but they will love the smell of fresh florals lingering in the air.

4.  Attention to the focal. Adding sophisticated floral arrangements, candles and lighting to the altar will transform the space to anything but ordinary. Even the smallest touch can tell a story, so don’t hesitate to get creative. Whether you are adding dramatic pillars with intricate florals, or a few simple designs to draw attention from the aisle to where the actual ceremony will take place, this detail will make the photos of that first kiss really shine.

5.   Build a backdrop. We have a special appreciation for chuppah design and custom altars. From wooden designs draped with florals, to fabrics and awnings, there is something magical about a custom shelter for the couple to exchange their vows. Build a backdrop for the ceremony, whether it’s taking place in a religious venue, outside or in the reception venue to create your own special oasis for the ceremony.

When it comes to wedding planning, most couples focus on the wedding reception decor. Going that extra mile and thinking about how to style your wedding ceremony will set the tone for the rest of the night. Interested in learning more about how to style your wedding ceremony to perfection? Contact Fragrant Design and one of our expert designers will walk you through our process.