DIY: A Gorgeous Centerpiece

How to make a beautiful home centerpiece

Adding style to your home table decor with a gorgeous centerpiece can help any room make a statement. Before heading straight to your neighborhood florist or channeling your inner Martha Stewart, remember that putting together something spectacular doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, with a few simple tips from our team, you can become your own master of centerpieces, right in your home. So whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply want to add a little style to your table, here is how to make a beautiful centerpiece.

5 ways to make a beautiful centerpiece

  1. Color Block. Starting with a bouquet from the local grocery store, isolate the colors to use all of one color in each arrangement. Not only will separating the flowers make the arrangement look like it was made by a pro, but it will add intentional style that your guests will find completely eyecatching. Just trim down the blooms so that the colors create a group of florals that really pop.

  2. Embrace the Odds. One of the cardinal rules of design is to use odd numbers to create a balanced look. From the number of blooms in an arrangement, to how the candles are distributed on a table, integrate odd numbers into the design theme. Not only will the table be more symmetrical, but the overall effect will be much more appealing to the eye.

  3. Proportions Matter. An enormous centerpiece on a tiny table will throw off the balance of the room. Similarly, if you are hosting a dinner party, a large centerpiece might make it difficult for guests to converse. Think about the type of event you are hosting, along with the length of the table, then size your centerpiece accordingly.

  4. Integrate found objects. A centerpiece doesn’t only have to encompass glass vases and heavy florals. Integrate anything from fruits to ceramics, books and candle holders into the layout so that your table tells a story. Remember that less is more, so when in doubt, leave it out.

  5. Go for the greenery. Don’t discard the filler greenery from the pre-made bouquet. Instead, take advantage of the clean and serene effect the solids can have on a table. The more subdued tones, paired with more vibrant dishware and linens, will naturally put your guests at ease.

Making your own centerpiece allows you to incorporate your unique style and flair into your own home, without the expense. Remember, however, that while this approach works great for a small dinner party in your home, it might be a little bit more challenging for those larger events. So if you’re planning a more intricate social gathering, from a birthday party to a Mitzvah or high-end gala, we can take care of the details so that you can focus on the guest list.