Savvy Event Design

5 Non-traditional ways to style your next event or soiree

Planning a party or social event? There are hundreds of decor ideas out there from the minimalistic to the outrageous with just about everything in between. But when it comes to planning your perfect event, it’s important to find themes that enhance the story you are trying to tell, without using the same tired old tactics. Today, we’re breaking tradition by sharing some of our favorite out-of-the-box decor items for styling your next event.


1. Household items for centerpieces. DIY centerpieces? Count us in - especially when we can shop from our own home. If you’ve ever thought about utilizing household items for event decor, now is the time. Inspiration is truly everywhere—wine bottles can be spray-painted into floral vases, vintage books are a perfect stackable look and small mirrors or photographs bring a special, housewarming touch to table decor. Take creative and ornate objects and tie them into the design theme for a truly one-of-a-kind look.


2. Lounge Furniture. One of the latest trends in event decor is furniture rental companies. Bowery and Bash, a luxe rental event company in Chicago, features incredible selections of vintage and modern items that can be added to any event. By choosing something you wouldn’t normally go for, such as a velvet sectional or ottoman, you’re able to transform your event space into something new, unique and completely non-traditional. Plus it gives guests a place to take a load off after a long night on the dance floor.


3. Flower Walls. Flower Walls are an evolving trend for events, but work especially well in outdoor venues in the spring or summer. You can make them as small or large as you please, depending on the location and scale of the event. The beautiful thing is that they can be extravagant and elegant or subtle and fragrant. Regardless of how you style them, they offer that unique, show-stopping look that will impress guests of all ages.


4. Cafe Lights. There are few things as romantic as cafe lights, especially when used as a backdrop for event decor. Traditionally reserved for summer celebrations, we have loved bending the rules and using them to accent flower walls, or to add an artistic flair to a loft space. Not only do they create a soft and ethereal look, the configuration of the lights are a design element that can stand alone.


5. Photobooth. With almost every social gathering, birthday party or work event having a corresponding hashtag nowadays, create a DIY photobooths area to play off of those hashtags. Assign one area of your event as dedicated photo space and get creative with props and backdrops. If there’s a color theme for the event, use similar colors in the photobooth decor and with floral props as well. While you can definitely rent photobooths, we like the idea of DIY and creating your own. Guests will have a blast & you’ll have photo memories for a lifetime.

Looking for inspiration for your next special event? Contact Fragrant Design and we will help you create an event to remember.