Spring Wedding Style

3 tips for styling a spring wedding


Spring is symbolic for new beginnings, which makes it a beautiful time of year for a wedding. Yet in a city like Chicago, where it takes the weather a little bit longer to warm up, it can also be one of the more challenging seasons for planning the day of your dreams. From a reduced flower selection to unpredictable weather, we understand exactly what you are up against—and how to overcome those obstacles to plan the wedding you’ve always wanted.

3 Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

Go Seasonal. It’s no secret that spring is when beautiful flowers are just starting to think about sprouting, so the seasonal floral selection may not be as robust as you hoped if your wedding is in March or April. The good news is that you still have some incredible options for gorgeous florals. From tulips of the French, double and parrot variety, you can create arrangements that are breathtaking. Daffodils are another great option, and they can only be found at this time of year, which can tell an amazing story. And the benefit of a spring wedding is that the much coveted peonies are in season. Fragrant and stunning, these beauties are in bloom until June.  

Bold is beautiful. While many people think of spring as the season of pastels, don’t feel like you are limited to pale pinks and lavenders. In the spring months, you have plenty of options for incorporating bold colors into the design spectrum. From integrating in deep cobalt blues and purples to playing up green and gold, there are so many options to consider. Our advice is to pick a palette that works for you as a couple, then stick to it. The rest of the design will fall into place.

Creative Decor. There are multiple other elements that can spruce up the design of a stunning spring wedding, like adding dramatic tiered candles to your wedding aisle, or using ribbons to create a gorgeous and romantic backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Consider lace or ornate objects to include as part of the centerpiece to create beautiful table settings that tell a story about the couple. From the flower containers to flatware, every detail contributes to the vibe of the room, so don’t be afraid to emphasize unique design details.


Spring is one of the most wonderful times of year for a wedding. When planning the floral and event decor, don’t feel confined to tulips and pastels. Think outside of the box, and if you need some inspiration, our team is on standby to help you create the wedding of your dreams.