Getting to Know: Elisa Juster

Elisa Juster, Branch Manager and Lead Planner for The Simply Elegant Group, talks work routine and balance, and what design element is inspiring her the most right now.

When it comes to putting together someone's perfect day, there are few people on the team as integral as the wedding planner. Elisa Juster, Branch Manager and Lead Planner at The Simply Elegant Group, is as talented as she is personable. We asked her to talk us through some of the highlights of her days, and why shaping her clients' dream wedding is the best part of her job.

Tell us about what makes The Simply Elegant Group unique:

We make wedding planning simple. When working together, we focus on your style, the experience you want to create and your overall budget. In providing you with as much insider knowledge as possible, you will feel comfortable and informed with your decisions, making your wedding planning experience stress free and easy.

What differentiates you from other vendors?

We are proud of what a level headed approach we bring to wedding planning. In order to be in this business, you have to be a “people person,” but we really do go out of our way to be easy to work with and approachable. We are always working to strike that perfect balance of being direct and kind, so that our clients and the vendors we work with, are taken care of.

Tell us about the services you offer:

Each wedding is unique, which is why we customize everything for your big day! Our services range from day-of-coordination to full service, to concierge planning, and everything in between. We would love to meet you in person for a complimentary consultation to learn more about your wedding and show you how we can tailor our services to match your needs and budget!

Describe a day in the life of Elisa Juster!

I don’t have a set routine, which can be a blessing and curse. At any given moment you may find me: helping a client decide on their flowers, invitations, linens or timeline for their wedding day. I regularly spend time training my team, lunching with vendors, meeting for an initial client consultations, working at a wedding, or attending an industry event. In between appointments, my laptop is my best friend, and I spend lots and lots of time staying on top of this, communicating over email. That last part is not too glamorous, but I do get to do it wearing yoga pants :)

What is your absolute favorite part of your job?

My absolute favorite part of my job is helping people bring their concept into reality. It is fun for me to listen to multiple ideas, in a single conversation (sometimes conflicting ones), and help bring shape to the dream. When a client can walk away with a clear path, I feel excited for them!

What can your clients expect from working with you?

Initially, we will always meet for a complimentary consultation. In the meeting, we will talk about your vision for your wedding day - what is important to you, where you are at in your planning, and how we can be helpful. That conversation really sets the tone for our relationship, and we can learn a  lot about each other before even starting to work together. If it a great fit, perfect! Once we start working together, whether you are a day-of client or a full service, we are there for you step-by-step, to help make the planning process easy (both leading up to the wedding) and of course, the day of!

Where do you find inspiration?

I love following the wedding & event planning trends from outside of the U.S. It is fun to see what planners in other parts of the world are doing, and bring those trends here. I also, personally, get a lot of my inspiration from interior design. I am always asking myself how to translate that living room design into the wedding world!

What design trends are you loving right now?

In terms of trends, people are getting more creative with lighting lately, and I love that. A room can be transformed with strategically placed lighting—and it is surprisingly affordable.  

Thanks so much, Elisa!

To get in touch with Elisa, send her an email at or give her a call at 312-978-4654. And you can follow along with The Simply Elegant Group on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and, of course, on their blog.